Getting settled - Housing

Tri-Base Military Family Housing

The Military Housing Office (MHO) is located on RAF Lakenheath (Building 429) next to gate 2. There are 1,006 Military Family Housing (MFH) units serving the Tri-Base Area, RAF Lakenheath, Mildenhall, and Feltwell.  MFH units are available for active-duty military, of all ranks, who are accompanied by command-sponsored dependents.

If you are interested in MFH on the installations please register your interest at Please note that this is advance notice that you desire MFH. You will not be added to the waitlist until you arrive on station and have attended the Newcomer’s Briefing. In accordance with local policy, all service members on an accompanied tour will be offered a house or placed on the waiting list for military family housing RAF Lakenheath Military Housing Office - LOCAL POLICY.pdf - All Documents (

Currently the Military Family Housing is experiencing high occupancy levels, you may get a house offer if one is available in your category, but this not guaranteed. Upon arrival please be sure that you are immediately searching for community housing (off base homes) in the local vicinity (20miles/60-minute commute). If you need transportation to viewings, please reach out to your sponsor for assistance.


Off Base Housing

The communities surrounding RAF Lakenheath offer a number of rentals for those seeking housing off base. There are various styles of homes found in the U.K. The most common houses in England are:

-Detached (a house not joined to another)

-Semi Detached (two houses joined together, similar to a duplex)

-Terrace (several houses joined together)

-Flats (apartments)

-Bungalow (single story home)

All off-base rentals in the overseas area are required to be inspected and approved by the Military Housing Office prior to signing a lease. Please do not make a firm commitment for off-base housing until after you have arrived and viewed the property. To expedite your housing search, please refer to HOMES.MIL to view available pre-inspected homes under our Rental Partnership Program (RPP). You may also search for housing within the local community through various search engines and local letting agencies. Please do not submit any personal identifiable information (PII) or documents such as your orders or ID card to individuals or agencies or share authorized OHA amounts. 

The RAF Lakenheath Housing Office has a phone number specifically for off-base referral inquiries. You can reach them at DSN 314-226-2000, option 1.

Please note that many landlords do not allow pets, so ask before making any commitments.


Temporary Furnishings

Loaner furniture is available through our Furnishing Management Section (FMS), free of charge for up to 90 days from lease start date. Items included are:

-Dining Room Table & Chairs

-Living Room Furniture

-Bedroom Furniture

Long Term Furnishings & Appliances (Duration of your tour)

The following items can be supplied for the duration of your tour:



                -Washer & Dryer


                - Wardrobes

English homes often do not have closets. Two wardrobes per family member can be issued through FMS. If you have a lot of clothes, you might consider purchasing portable wardrobes, under-bed chests, or similar storage units to augment the wardrobes.

Many people end up storing furniture after they arrive or sell excess items.  Houses, apartments and rooms are often smaller in England than in the U.S., so you may have more furniture than you need or have space for.

Think before you put items in storage. If you can do without these items for three to five years.


Housing Allowance

You will receive an Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) while stationed overseas, if you do not reside in Military Family Housing, OHA is adjusted to the dollar's value against the pound. Rent caps are established by rank. A member will either receive OHA in the amount equal to their rent rate or the rate cap, whichever is the least. You will also receive a monthly utility allowance that will help pay your utility costs. You may also receive a Move-In Housing Allowance if you do not reside in Military Family Housing. This is a one-time allowance that is received when first renting a house on the economy to defray the setup cost of moving into a house to include transformers, curtains or any other items needed to furnish your house.

Information on rates and allowances


TLA Procedures

Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) is an entitlement to help defray the cost of lodging while seeking permanent housing. TLA is closely monitored and certain criteria must be met to continue to receive TLA. Members will be briefed on their TLA entitlement and their responsibilities at their Newcomer’s Briefing. It is extremely important to attend this briefing immediately upon arrival. TLA is authorized for payment while member is "aggressively seeking housing."

Lodging should be reserved as far in advance of your arrival as possible and should be secured for a full  30 days. Please coordinate with Liberty Lodge on RAF Lakenheath or Gateway Inns on RAF Mildenhall for your lodging needs.  After the initial 30 day stay, you will become space-available and may need to secure other lodging.

Upon arrival and after attendance at the MFRC Newcomer’s Briefing an Assistance Counsellor will be assigned to all newcomers, they will be your Housing POC to assist with any TLA or OHA questions and reimbursements that you may have.