Bringing Pets to the UK

The base Animal Welfare officer is available to offer pet care advise, provide transportation requirements for pets and assist military families to properly plan for shipment of their pets. Pet Scoop is offered the second Friday of every month from 1500-1700.

If you are assigned to RAF Lakenheath/Feltwell, you must register your pet. Registration is mandatory. When you arrive with your pet or within two weeks of obtaining a pet, you will be required to register your pet with the US Army Veterinary Clinic at RAF Feltwell.

Pet Quarantine

As of 1 Jan. 2012 properly documented cats and dogs coming from the United States and Canada will no longer have to go through the six-month quarantine when entering the United Kingdom on approved routes.The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) is the system that allows cats and dogs from certain countries to enter the United Kingdom without quarantine as long as they meet specific criteria.

An import permit is required for each animal to enter the United Kingdom. The application must be made and approved in advance. Birds as well, which only require 35 days of quarantine.

The quarantine laws are continuously changing. For the most up-to-date information on PETS, to locate authorized quarantine kennels or to locate airlines qualified to carry pets to the UK: visit

Exotic Pets

Any pets out of the ordinary need to be approved by UK's Department of the Environment's Endangered Species Branch at 01179 878170 or 01179 878684.

Pet Advisors

For more details, contact the RAF Lakenheath Animal Welfare officer at DSN 226-3847 Comm: +44-1638-523-847or at