Associate Units

Det 16 

Detachment 16 provides flexible, up-to-date F-15 aircraft and equipment maintenance training for units assigned to the 48th Fighter Wing, USAFE, and allied Air Forces. We are one of many training detachments located worldwide. Our headquarters is located at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas. Advanced aircraft and equipment training is conducted for the following Air Force specialties: Tactical aircraft maintenance systems, aerospace ground equipment, aircraft armament, avionics systems, electro-environmental, munitions and propulsion systems. Our instructors have an average of 14 years maintenance experience and are always available for technical consultation.

Area Defense Council 

The Area Defense Counsel is responsible for defense services to all Air Force members. We represent military members in interrogation situations; UCMJ Article 32 investigations; pretrial confinement hearings; summary, special, and general courts-martial; and all post-trial and clemency matters. We also serve as counsel in involuntary discharge, demotion, and non judicial punishment proceedings; flying evaluation, physical evaluation, and medical credentials boards; along with various, other adverse personnel actions. In our overseas location, we may also act as military legal advisors in foreign jurisdiction cases.