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Airman & Family Readiness Center
DSN 226-3847; +44 (0) 1638-52-3847


No matter how many times you've PCS'd or even if you've been assigned to Lakenheath before, you need to make contact with your sponsor to make sure you're aware of the latest in-processing policies and requirements BEFORE you arrive.

Your sponsor is the key to your successful PCS! They will save you valuable time and hassle before, during, and after your arrival. Keep in mind that when a sponsor is assigned to an active duty member with a family, they do not only sponsor the active duty member; they address the needs of the entire family including pets.

Your assigned squadron will appoint you a sponsor. If your sponsor hasn't contacted you within a week after you receive your orders, please obtain your sponsor's contact information through the gaining squadron. If additional help is required you can also contact the Airman & Family Readiness Center: DSN 314-226-3847, Commercial +44 (0) 1638-52-3847 or 

Within your first week of arrival, military members will be required to attend the newcomer's briefing at the AFRC. Spouses should attend the driving portion of the briefing as well to have a UK driving permit.

Use this site as your one-stop shopping for information on housing, schools and other pivotal details to make your move a smooth one.

Good luck and welcome to England!


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